Numerical Simulation of Soliton Collision by using 1D Boussinesq Model

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Soliton or solitary wave is a physical phenomenon in which a wave propagates without changing of form in a dispersive media. It is a condition when effects of nonlinearity is balanced with effects of dispersion. Therefore solitary wave propagation is a standard test for testing nonlinearity and dispersiveness of a wave model and its numerical implementation. One interesting case of the soliton phenomenon is the soliton collision which is an interaction between two solitary waves facing each other and producing a high impact wave. The phenomenon can be used to study tsunami wave interactions. In this paper we study the phenomenon by using numerical approach. We use a nonlinear dispersive 1D Boussinesq model that is implemented numerically by using Finite Element implementation in a collocated grid. The accuracy of the implementation is test by simulating two test cases of solitary wave, i.e. the propagation of solitary wave againsts analytical soliton solusion of Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) and the collision of two identical solitary waves. Results of simulations are also compared with results of the nonlinear nondispersive Shallow Water Equations (SWE).


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Author Biographies

Didit Adytia, School of Computing, Telkom University
Didit Adytia currently works at the School of Computing, Telkom University. He does research in Applied mathematics, Ocean Engineering, and Oceanography. He is working on phase resolving models ; model developments and applications of Boussinesq & Non-hydrostatic model, and phase averaged wave model ; for hindcasting, forecasting, and Tropical Cyclone reconstruction.
Four Saputra BM, School of Computing, Telkom University
Four Saputra BM is a student in Informatic Engineering, School of Computing, Telkom University.


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