Weather Forecasting in Bandung Regency based on FP-Growth Algorithm

  • Farida Nur Khasanah
  • Fhira Nhita
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Weather Forecasting in Bandung Regency Based on Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm downloads: 0
Weather Forecasting in Bandung Regency based on FP-Growth Algorithm downloads: 0


Weather change is one of the things that can affect people around the world in doing activities, including in Indonesia. The area of Indonesia, especially in Bandung regency has a high intensity of rainfall, compared with other regions. The people of Bandung Regency mostly have livelihoods in the fields of industry and agriculture, both of which are closely related to the effects of weather. Weather prediction is used for reference, so the future of society can prepare all possible weather before the move. One method of data mining used to predict weather is the association rule method. In this method there is Frequent Pattern Growth (FP-Growth) algorithm, this algorithm is used to determine the pattern of linkage between attribute weather with rainfall. The result of the FP-Growth algorithm is an association rule, the result of the algorithm rules is then used as reference for data entry in the classification process, where the process is done to get the forecast based on the rainfall category to obtain maximum accuracy. The highest performance result of FP-Growth from the result of rules based on its confidence value is 92%.


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Khasanah, F. N., & Nhita, F. (2019). Weather Forecasting in Bandung Regency based on FP-Growth Algorithm. International Journal on Information and Communication Technology (IJoICT), 4(2), 1-10.
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