Price Prediction of Chili Commodities in Bandung Regency Using Bayesian Network

Putri Nuvaisiyah, Fhira Nhita, Deni Saepudin


Chili is one of the agricultural commodities consumed by Indonesian people. Market data in recent years show that chili prices tend to fluctuate as supply and demand changes. One of the impacts of chili price changes for farmers is the production cost is higher than the selling price. In addition to supply and demand changes, the weather is also indicated as a factor of price changes due to the weather being considered by farmers to grow chili. Price prediction is needed to determine the condition of chili prices in the future to help farmers in making decisions to plant at the right time. One method that can be used to make prediction is Data Mining classification method. In this paper, Bayesian network algorithm was used as Data Mining classification method to predict the price of chili commodity in Bandung Regency based on weather information and classified the price into economic class and not economic class. The result shows that the prediction model obtained by the Bayesian Network gives a system’s performance for precision and recall that is 1 and 0.94 respectively with average accuracy of 85.5% in classifying the price.

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